Fraction of Time - Marble Clock

"Fraction of Time" is a clock made from marble that can be cut from a square slab of marble, or any waste marble slabs that are discarded. Matter of Stuff (MOS), the clients, wanted a solution to reuse waste marble and make a tableware product or series of products. In Gramolazzo, Italy, we visited a marble quarry to see first hand the huge operation that happens to extract marble out of a mountain. It was there where we got our inspiration - the marble cutting belt. its shape gave the inspiration to create the form. The concept of making a time piece stemmed from the simple fact of long marble takes to be formed in the ground. Its a reminder of how long marble takes to form. The clocks are a set of four that you can use at home, one clock for a different room, or at hotel where its necessary to have on display the various time zones around the world, or you can just have one clock to display time.