David Goncalves Rivera

Born and raised in London, United Kingdom, David was surrounded by design. He is a hands-on creative that likes to experiment with various materials and find novel outcomes and aesthetic forms. He is fond of using bright and vibrant colours; splashes of colour brings life to the mundane grey of city life.


Smriti Jain

Smriti is from Delhi, India, and is fond of her memories  of time spent travelling. She is interested and inspired by the vast amount of different cultures across the world. She has a keen eye for detail and aims for perfection at every level. Her interest lies in simplistic forms, color, aesthetics and in creating something novel.


Jialu Yuan

Lulu is from China. She is good at using a varied selection of  materials with a particular specialisation in ceramics, with experience in curation. She's interested and inspired by all of the interesting stories  and experiences of her daily life. She believes that true mastery of any skill takes a lifetime.