YSD is a high-end design studio founded in 2017 with a focus on beautiful simplicity and striking aesthetic.



Jialu Yuan, Smriti Jain, and David Goncalves-Rivera first collaborated while studying at Camberwell College of Arts, part of the 6 colleges that forms University of the Arts London (UAL), while on a student residency in Italy. Their style was well received by mentors and professors for finding creatively simple design solutions. Because they were working as a team the hosts of the student residency suggested they create a studio name to represent their work, and so after short deliberation the name YSD was born - an amalgamation of their names.


Despite the good feedback for their first collaborative project it was not to be as it was not picked for final production. The trio knew that their joint collaboration worked and decided to fund the project themselves as they were convinced they were on to something. The project was called "Fraction of Time" as a reference to the time it takes to form the marble inside the mountain it was extracted from.


YSD was named in Wallpaper Magazine’s “Future Generation” Graduate Directory 2018


Once they graduated the 3 of them went their separate ways back to their respective countries; China, India, and UK. They stayed in contact after graduating, playing around with the idea of creating a design studio. It was then, after an email from Wallpaper* magazine asking to photograph their joint project, that sparked the flame that the idea of starting a design studio became real. The 3 decided to keep working in their respective jobs and using that money to fund the product to be put into production and start a design studio. The studio was named YSD.